Gopal TripathiHello Friends!
Welcome to GopalTripathi.com
I am an Indian Internet Entrepreneur.

This blog’s domain is on my name…
Is’nt it strange? Why the domain is in personal name? Is it good strategy for Marketing or Search Engine Optimization? … probably not.
But like everyone, I love to make my name famous and like to make it a brand…
Really ?
Actually, honestly speaking, when I bought this domain in my early days of online journey, I did not really know much about marketing and SEO aspect of a domain. I just bought it to build a blog with interesting stuff I like.

But later I realized there are so many famous guys who have blogs in their own name and they had well established their name as ‘big’ brand as an internet entrepreneur. So ultimately I concluded that having a domain in personal name is not negative and my name will also be famous one day.. 🙂

Now I am a Blogger & Internet Entrepreneur. I started my internet entrepreneurship in early 2006. I was an absolute newbie in this field then. Prior to this, I had a very long career as a Banker, worked with India’s top most bank for many years.

In my early days, I started reading regularly all the top internet marketers’ blogs and webmasters’ forums and soon I realized that my online journey is not going to be so easy as expected in such a challenging field.

But still I was optimistic, as a beginner I bought two domains in different niches from GoDaddy and cheapest shared hosting from BlueHost; and started building sites on WordPress CMS platform. Fortunately I got initial success by means of search engine traffic, which encouraged me a lot and to work harder to make my sites a little source of income, at least to cover recurring cost of websites and internet related expenses.

In this blog I share my online entrepreneurship experiences. May it be related to Content Creation, Link Building, Search Engine Optimization, Ad Publishing, Advertising, Online Marketing or anything.

I also share my positive or negative results obtained from my work, on my websites. As everyone knows, Internet industry is one of the most challenging and versatile. So I feel it is good to share work experiences with other webmasters and help newbies as much as possible. In fact, helping each other and sharing work experiences in webmasters’ and entrepreneurs’ community is one of the great thing in this internet industry.

And yes, I will definitely share whatever I love and like in my life, other than my work.

If you want to know more about me, please visit my first post Life Is Tough Yet Beautiful.